arrows-large-trans Membership Renewal

If your information has not changed, simply mail a check (P.O. Box 460825 SAT 78246) or bring it to a meeting.  If your information has changed, fill out the membership form which is available online or at a meeting.  Regular membership is $78 and Life Members renew for $26.  If you renew or join during or before the May meeting, you will be entered in the drawing for a free membership.  Don’t delay – join now!

arrows-large-trans New Members

If you are interested in joining this AAUW Branch you are invited to the next meeting that will be held on the first Saturday of the month. Look for details in the current Newsletter.

For more information and to make a luncheon reservation, send an email enquiry to Suzanne Benson, Membership Vice President.

You do not have to be invited to become a member of AAUW. Anyone, female or male, with a four-year degree, an associates degree, or an RN degree from an accredited institution is eligible for membership. Undergraduate College Students who are currently enrolled in either a two-year or four-year accredited institution are eligible for student membership.

Please print out this membership form, complete it, and send to:
AAUW San Antonio
Attn: Membership
P.O. Box 460825
San Antonio, TX

(Print, fill out, and mail to address below)


Last Name:_________________________________________ First Name:_________________________________

Nickname (If used)____________________________ Maiden Name and/or Inital__________________

CIRCLE ONE: Dr. Miss Mrs. Ms. Mr. Other______________________________


Street:————————————————————————— Unit ____________
City ____________________________________ State __________ Zip Code________ ___

TELEPHONE: Home: (_____) ___________________ Office: (_____) _______________

E-Mail :__________________________________________________________________________________________

Undergraduate Degree(s) and Major(s) _________________________________________

At College/University_________________________________ Year_

Graduate Degree(s) and Major(s)______________________________________________

At College/University:____________________________________Year_______________

Former AAUW Affiliation (Branch and location)__________________________________

I am a New Member _____ I am a Renewing Member____
New and Renewing membership is $78 annually. These dues are payable now, and will be effective until 1 July 2016. Breakdown of dues: $49 for National Dues ($46 of this is tax deductible) State dues: $13 and Local dues: $16, for a total of $78.

I am a renewing Life Member___
Life Members will pay only the State and Local dues which are $13 for State, and $16 for Local and that amount is: $29.

I am an AAUW Member At Large___
Persons who are currently an AAUW Member-At-Large (and have paid National dues) may also join Texas AAUW and the San Antonio branch by paying $13 for State + $16 Local dues for a total of $29.

Please print out this form, attach a check made to AAUW and mail to:

AAUW San Antonio Branch
Membership Chair
P.O. Box 460825
San Antonio, TX 78246-0825